sandhya hegde

Sandhya is an engineer at heart and investor by accident. She studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. At IITB, she spent her time programming robots and designing an analog chip for supercomputing on a diet consisting exclusively of noodles and fruit. Her passion for good engineering inspired her to try and commercialize complex technologies in energy efficiency. In 2009, Sandhya joined Sequoia Capital India, which managed $1.8 Bn in funds for venture, growth and public investments. Over the next few years, she helped the team invest in financial services, enterprise software, healthcare and lead new categories like education management. Additionally, she set an example at the fund by incubating a new company and assisting entrepreneurs in fundraising and building business processes. She later joined Sequoia Capital Global Equities, US to help grow their developing market investment portfolio. In 2011, Sandhya took a brief hiatus from work to join the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Now at Khosla Impact, Sandhya looks for great tech startups in energy, education, livelihoods, logistics, healthcare and SME services. While not traveling for work, Sandhya loves to read voraciously, attempt to improve on her Spanish, paint a little and learn new forms of dance.